Amber S.

We used these amazing guys to handle the estate sale. They were beyond amazing! Incredibly compassionate, intelligent, professional and very fair. I CANNOT say enough good things about them! They answered every single question all 4 kids had. We could have never done this without them! Our estate was very big, and very complicated, and they made it look easy as pie! I would highly recommend them to everyone! Thank you both and your crew for everything!


I have done business with these guys for about 7 years. Always excellent service and professionalism. They know their antiques and the value is you are trying to sell an estate of a loved one.


VIEUX MARCHE did an outstanding highly professional job of holding our private estate sale. Each item large and small was expertly evaluated, priced then artistically displayed for sale


We enjoy the friendly attention that the good folks at Vieux Marche’ sales always provide. They are a wealth of knowledge and are always willing to help. They treat all of their visitors like friends and family. It is truly a joy to attend their sales.


The folks at Vieux Marche’ helped with every detail in a very trying time. The sale was well organized and thorough. I will certainly recommend!


Vieux Marche’ provides a professional estate sale experience and I would highly recommend Vieux Marche’ to anyone who needs to have an estate sale. ***** and ***** are sensitive to the needs of the seller and they follow through on all that they agree to do for the seller. They have a large following and an in-depth knowledge of antiques. If you need to have an estate sale, contact Vieux Marche’!

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